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After hearing from about every rodder and gearhead on the planet how awesome the Indy Goodguys' weekend was, a group of us finally decided to experience it for ourselves. It was June 2006. Our banzai roadtrip left central Minnesota at oh-dark-thirty on a Thursday morning. We pulled into Indy in time to catch the pre-event welcome party before sacking out. Friday was spent at the drags. (Photos of the drags are in the "Racing" gallery. If you want to see 'em now, click here.) Turned out that was a good choice. A bunch of over-saturated clouds moved in Saturday and most of the action on the track came from the track dryers. They fought a losing battle. We worked our way through the intermittent rain, explored the swap meet, vendor areas and car show and called it a weekend. Yes, I'd go back again in a Minnesota minute... if they still had drag racing! But I'm glad I had the chance to be there. It was everything they said it would be.

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