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Hosted by the Northland Strollers, these runs were the first of many South Dakota runs our club attended as a group. The first edition was dubbed the "Fair City Run" and was held in Huron in 1981. We camped in the city park on the east side of town. Our mechanically-stock '47 Chev made the trip flawlessly, although I never pushed the old stovebolt six too hard on the open road. With us leading the pack, at least nobody worried about speeding tickets!
The following year, the Northland Strollers and friends set up camp at the Brown County Fairgrounds in Aberdeen for the 6th Annual Hub City Run. The Strollers' run was one of the first runs I remember attending that held an organized garage tour. We all hopped in our rods and caravanned around town, checking out all the incubating projects. And the Sunday morning scrambled-egg breakfasts at the Strollers' runs were legendary.
Great times.

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