Rick Chew(non-registered)
Hi Terry, I live in La Canada, CA and heard about the 'Back to the Fifties' show for years. Well, this year I finally made it there. Time only permitted me to attend on Friday but it was like a weekend event. Doesn't anyone work on Friday's? Thanks for the photos. I tell my friends that this show is a 'must attend at least once' event. Have you ever attended the LA Roadster Show on Father's day weekend in Pomona, CA? That's my big event for the year. Although, it doesn't compete with the attendance of 'Back to the Fifties'. Keep up the great work.
Larry Aus # 17619(non-registered)
I will come back to finish looking at your photos. I really enjoyed the "Night of Fire" and dirt track photos. Thanks for sharing these pics.
Jennifer "Johanson" Gallop(non-registered)
Hey Terry,
Just wondering if you had any information regarding my dad's (Pat) '40 Chevy Coupe? I was searching sale ads for 40's and came across your website. On the eve of Father's Day, it was great to come across those pictures from Ike's! I use to hate going to all those events but now they are some of my favorite memories of my dad! Thank you! Happy Father's Day! Please email me if you or anyone else has any information on the 40's whereabouts!
Wes Herniman(non-registered)
Nice Sight!! I'm ready for summer!!
John Harker(non-registered)
Nice job Terry Looking forward to next summer. the Wed night cruises at DQ were nice laid back get togethers. From the CHKNTRK-DRVR
John Clark Model A John on the HAMB(non-registered)
Saw your pics of the Watertown show, and that led me to your website. I live near Wichita, KS, but I spent my first 18 years as a farm boy by Madison, MN. Had some relatives in Appleton. It's interesting to see that there are hot rods in that area now. I don't recall ever seeing a '49 or older rod when I lived in the area, which was from 1954-1972. Just goes to show how the hobby has grown. Well, e-mail back to me if you'd like. John Clark
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