Hi! My name is Terry and I'm a gearhead.

I've chased blacktops just about to the edge and back shooting photos of cars: hunkered down in dirt track infields, crouched by the burnout box at the drags, stretched over railings or dodging the crowds at car shows.

The passion for cars showed up early on. My parents used to tell me that I'd stand up in the back seat of their car when I was just a few years old, looking out the window and reciting brand names of the other cars as they drove by. I'd guess that meant I was doomed from the very beginning...

I got my first camera - a Mamiya medium format twin lens reflex - from my dad when I was in junior high. In its heyday that camera captured high school sports, drag racing and rodding events, wedding pictures, vacation photos, personal portraits... just a few of the subjects on a long list that hasn't yet been closed. And in the unlikely event that I might someday wish to return to the foibles of film, that built-like-a-tank camera is safely packed away in its leather-clad gadget bag and it still works just fine. 

Too bad I didn't have the means to hang on to a couple of my old cars the way I did the camera!

I also spent some dozen years as a dirt track racing photographer and regular contributor to "All the Dirt Racing News" and "Hawkeye Racing News". Since stepping away from that, I still keep my cameras dust-free. I occasionally contribute to the Minnesota Street Rod Association's "Linechaser" monthly, catching images from assorted gearhead gatherings and other worthy locations in my neighborhood.  A partial collection of those photos can be found on this website: now over 6000 of 'em and counting. 

I'm a hands-on guy. I've built, worked on and driven everything from VW's to street rods to 60's era cruisers. (You can take a peek at some of them here.) While these assorted ventures may have made up an odd mix, they've served me well and the drive has been fun. At this point I've built up enough speed (or maybe, soaked up enough 40-weight!) that I just can't seem to slow down. If this is a curse I don't want the cure.

If you see me down the road, you'll know me by the camera around my neck... and by the gears poking out the top of my noggin!

Safe travels.